Six Points that will help you go viral on LinkedIn:

1) First step is to nail the post wording

Identify your audience and add a personal touch to it. The personal touch, I feel, is key. Pragmatic posts that really teach you an important capability together with motivational posts based on a person’s story seem to do the best. Note – this is based on observation only and not on LinkedIn data.

2) Post often. If you publish your own article - use an average of 800 words

3) Make it visual

Photo is worth a thousand words and people tend to click more on photos. Use a sincere and personal photo, it will be clicked more often than no photos or stock photos.

4) Post during work hours

I found on myself that posts I publish Monday-Wednesday mid day do best. Weekend goes almost silent.

5) Promote your post on LinkedIn and other social media

Get as many people to comment it. If not comment – get them to like it. Use other social media channels and your email list to drive traffic to your posts.

Don’t spam!

But you can ask a few advocates and even influencers to let you know what they think and if they like it – comment.

6) Respond and be personable

Reply to comments in a staggered manner. A few replies a day so you can spread your responses to more days.

The faster your post picks up views and the more engagement that happens in a short time frame, the more likely that LinkedIn will take notice of all that activity and decide to promote your post and surface it all over the platform.

Once that happens, you're about to go viral!

Don’t forget to Comment below on what worked or didn’t work for you so we can all learn from your experience.