Tunisian startups are finding ways to improve their society and fix endemic economic problems though innovation and creativity

The startups that have achieved the most success in Tunisia are those that use and create tech products to mobilize communities, encourage civic engagement and fill the void in tech advances left by a sclerotic government.

Secure Drive Company, for example, was founded in 2015, and offers automatic reporting and assistance for car accidents that happen in remote areas. Response time by authorities for accidents in rural areas is often long, but with Secure Drive’s app, users can signal for help more easily.

The startup E-Taxi also has gained significant popularity over the last year. The app works similarly to Uber, where users can look for and call cabs to pick them up at any given location.

Founded in 2012, ilboursa.com is Tunisia’s first stock exchange news website. Founder Ismail Ben Sassi started the company with the intention of offering data to help investors in Tunisia make better financial decisions. The site is one of the most visited online sites in the country, averaging 80,000 visitors a month.