What's New in Swift

Swift was released as an open source project just six months ago, and a big part of doing that was not just to shove out a bunch of sources to GitHub, but to create a fully open community that drives the evolution of Swift going forward. Swift 3 is the first major update to Swift that is intended to be a product of that community, and so we'll talk about how that community has evolved and the language, the evolution process that crafts the language going forward, and Chris will talk about what that community has produced for Swift 3. Another big aspect for this release was bringing Swift to more people. Today's software ecosystems are really diverse and people are doing a lot of different things in different contexts, whether they are building it for the server, they are building apps, and others. We want Swift to be available for everybody, and so we'll talk about some great things that have happened on the Linux side. And this is really the first major update to Swift since Swift was ported to Linux.

Now, looking inward at the release, Swift has been going through some iterate refinement and sculptingover the last two releases, based a lot from feedback from developers who are using it, and also, as you'll see from the Swift community since it was open sourced. A big thing about Swift 3 is we really want to get those core fundamentals into shape, all right, so we can really build on top of them going forward. And last, and probably the most broadest goal, is we really want to awesomize Swift for awesomeness. All right?Swift is really intended to be a powerful tool in the hand of developers, and in their hands they can do really amazing things. That's what we intended it to be.