iOS Developer Salary

The average pay for an iOS Developer is $80,343 per year. A skill in Android is associated with high pay for this job.

Job Description for iOS Developer

The iOS developer creates, debugs, maintains and programs software for relevant departments. Developers must be able to create user-friendly apps for social networking, productivity, finance, and a wide range of other uses. Qualified developers must be up-to-date on how programming in line with Apple's newest mobile operating system. 

iOS developers should also be able to program to meet the needs of the latest smartphone hardware specifications. They should also be able to lead a team that can not only create, but can offer technical assistance to customers once the application has been launched to market. Developers may be asked to collaborate with technical service personnel to create training guides, host web-based seminars and information sessions. For every app that is created and marketed, developers must help create a manual for customer service personnel to use while helping customers. It may also then be the responsibility of the iOS developer to assist customer service personnel in providing technical advice to users who have purchased the apps.

Although technical skills are the most important qualifications for this position, iOS developers must also possess good professional etiquette and leadership skills. They must be able to foster and maintain a cohesive team that can operate at multiple different levels within the organization.