What is Advancing Computer Science?

Advancing Computer Science (ACS) is the scientific and practical approach to computer science and building software systems. ACS studies the development of building software applications and efficient algorithms that access, process and store information.

ACS Professor James Gordon said, “Computer Science is the planning, developing, building and maintaining of software systems, which could include a mobile app, a desktop app, a database app or a fully developed website.”

Professor Gordon teaches students emerging programming languages across a variety of platforms including open source and enterprise languages such as: Python, C++, C# and Java. It’s important to give students as much experience in different languages as possible because in their future careers students could see many languages and they should be familiar with as many programming languages as possible.

When seeking a job in Advancing Computer Science you probably wouldn’t consider applying to a company like Nike, but they actually need a lot of programmers to keep the business running. In order to build a shoe, computers are programmed to tell a person in the factory what material, color, style, size and other specifications to produce the end result, which at Nike is a pair of athletic shoes. At Bank of America, it may be software testing before a new app is released or at Amazon, the website layout and content needs to updated 24/7. Think about the evolution of cars that now have Bluetooth, navigation and GPS. There is a great deal of programming required to operate the state of the art technology found in new cars on the market today. In fact, the car is the number one product sold that has the most computing chips today.

Advancing Computer Science is currently in such high demand with employers that some  students are already working full time in the field and have yet to graduate.

Students studying Advancing Computer Science  are learning to develop the software of the future as the tech needs of the next generation is rapidly in demand.

We encourage you to learn more about pursuing a degree in Computer Science.