Data Strategy for Business Leaders

It’s the Era of Big Data.  Data Scientist is the sexiest profession of the 21st century.  Everywhere you turn, we hear that we cannot compete without being on the cutting edge of analytics and that those people and executives and companies and organizations that are not fluent in the art of Big Data will be left behind.

Twofold Purpose

To teach you enough basic quantitative analytics so that you will be able to leverage data scientists and analytics experts to make your strategy better, more robust, more reliable, more profitable.  In order to be able to leverage these experts effectively, you need to speak the language of analytics: you’ll need to know how to ask your data science experts the right questions, how to give the analytics experts the information they need to do their best possible work, and most importantly, you’ll need to know how to tell if you’re being hoodwinked.  And in this course, you’ll acquire these skills.

To help you assess and modify a company’s data strategy as well as design new business models around data collection and analytics. The proliferation of massive amounts of data can disrupt traditional business models, and this course will help you to manage that disruption.