Q: How can I get information about courses?

A: The course descriptions for CS classes can be found in Courses
The actual list of courses offered each quarter as well as links to their websites is at: 
Also, You can get student feedback for most of the courses.

Q: I would like to find out if my undergraduate coursework will satisfy APP U requirements.

A:Your  mentor is the person who will authorize any exemptions.

Q: It is too late to drop the class. 

A: Yes. Until the "withdraw" deadline.

Q: Can I take the same course more than once?

A: You can take the same course as many times as you want .


Q: How can I get a mentor ? When shall I apply?

A: Please look for emails sent to you . 

Q: How can I get a job?

A: You need to attend all our speed intro days .


Q: I would like to find out more about admissions process.

A: Please refer to TUITION & DATES section . If you have questions after visiting the web page, you may contact our Admissions office by phone: (415)300-5617 or by e-mail:

Q: What are the requirements for admission? What would be the most important pieces of my application?

A: Please refer to the Application Materials section in the application guidelines page. Please note that ALL pieces of the application are important.