Our Students Outcomes

What happened to students who enrolled at Application University? Find out how many graduated, how much student loan debt they're stuck with, and how much they get paid on average in their jobs. This can give you valuable insight on what the ROI might be for our University.


Graduation and Retention Rates

All our 59 students graduate on-time in 2016. Our goal is getting you hired. We pride ourselves on being transparent in how we have impacted our students' lives,we will assist you even after your graduation.We guarantee you a job after your graduation.


Earn Your Tuition Back 

With an average salary of 98 k, you can expect to earn your tuition back within 8 weeks of your date of hire.


Access New Generation Of Higher Education Providers

Over the next decade, the share of jobs requiring some level of higher education is expected to grow more rapidly than those that do not, with 11 of the 15 fastest-growing occupations requiring a postsecondary education. That is why the Obama Administration has worked to ensure that all students have access to a high-quality, affordable higher education.