Considering to be junior developer ?

Below is an introduction to developer path at our university. It briefly covers the program requirements, what you can do with our courses after graduation, and how to get started in the field. The following links might also be useful.

If you are a High School student considering becoming application developer, you might start with us early.

If you are ready to start, you may want to apply now.

So you want to Graduate as junior developer?

Computer science is an unusual field. The first computers, unbelievably primitive by today’s standards, would not be developed for another 50 years, and it took another 25 years for computer science to become established as an independent discipline. Our University will teach you  one of the top computer science courses in the world.



Our graduate have opportunities to get involved in teaching . As a section leader, you will have the chance to teach the next generation of our junior developer and get them excited about programming. If you have done well in your  courses and can demonstrate both an aptitude for and an interest in teaching, you should check out the online application!

Internships and Jobs

Our university  has excellent connections to local companies (many of which were founded by people connected with the university). These connections provide help in getting summer internships as well as permanent positions after graduation.

Getting Started

The usual first step in learning about computer science is to take our CS101 course. Even if you don't end up taking the rest of our courses, this class will serve you well in your career. Because students enter AppU with varying backgrounds.

Students without significant background in computing they can  take CS101 followed by CS102. For those with some experience in programming (or who have passed the CS AP exam), you can reach basically the same point by taking the one course, CS103.

IOS bootcamp  covers the same topics as CS101+CS102+CS103, with more in-depth coverage and at a faster pace. Even if you’ve had a considerable amount of prior programming experience, you might still want to take CS102, particularly if you do not know Swift. By doing so, you will learn a lot more about how to develop well-engineered software and get a more solid foundation for more advanced work than you are likely to have from high school programming courses.

If you haven’t done much programming before or don’t feel comfortable with your programming skills, take the CS101 . 

No matter which course you take, you will learn about Application Development along with many fundamental programming concepts and software engineering techniques.


In addition to CS103 and IOS bootcamp, the Android bootcamp is an additional course in programming .

After Graduation

After Application University, our students typically have many options in terms of pursuing their interest in the field. We guarantee our  students to be hired within three month after leaving our campus.

Options for Studying our courses

ios developer

As an iOS developer, you have three major tasks:

1. You must learn Objective-C and Swift language

2.You must learn delegation,archiving, and the proper use of view controllers.

3.You must learn how to use every method of every class in every framework in iOS.


Android require you to know Java we will assist you to write Android applications and understand what you are writing.We will have you practice what you learned in working app right away.